Imsouane Surf Hostel: chez hafid


Local hostel and surfhouse right on Imsouane surfing beach and surf spot: Cathedral. 

Your host is actually from Imsouane, Morocco and, has always been leaving there.

With his dad, he has built stone by stone this traditional fisherman house on the beach.

Imsouane, Cathedral beach, a trip to Morocco in days past

Hafid's House is one out of a dozen of cabins remaining from Imsouane's traditionnal harbour, which was used to be partly located on Cathedral beach.

Today, all fishing boats are in The Bay, protected by the wharf built in the 90’s.

The charming house is the only guest house right on the beach & surf spot in Imsouane. 

Explore Imsouane 's Tazblast village

Imsouane Beach, 25 years ago: Hafid  was actually one of the first local to go surfing. 

Cathedral Point is now known to be one of Imsouane’s famous Surf Spots. But the charm and authenticity of Cathedral beach, remaining from its few Greek-styled houses, remind the spot's old days. 


Being the first local settlement for fishing, Tazblast is nestled against the cliffs surrounding the small bay of Cathedral. And, until today, has only been composed of traditional houses, made of stones, including roof terraces with ocean view, many of them still being occupied by families from Imsouane village, located up in the mountains. 

Chez Hafid: discover the best local retreat in town

A calm Surf Hostel in Imsouane

The international hostel atmosphere is the one of a guest house as well: local and relaxing, so you can enjoy the view from the terraces all facing the ocean and, the tranquility of this house on the beach. 

from a local family HOUSE to a comfortable hostel on CATHEDRAL beach

Hafid was born and raised in Imsouane and more specifically, in this house on the beach that his dad had been building stone by stone. He was used to go fishing with him, welcoming family, travelers and friends and, his mum and sisters to pick mussels or other shellfish! 

While converting his father's fishing cabin into a Surf hostel, Hafid has kept the renovations going and has been welcoming home worldwide tourists and surfers until today. 

Surfing, sunshine & a real experience in Morocco, far from conventional all-inclusive hotels or surf camps

Like in every hostel welcoming worldwide surfers, you'll share the surfhouse common spaces with other lodgers. 

Hafid’s family house and Surf Hostel became Imsouane Beach House and his dad's former fishing hut was officially converted into the guest house it always been, far from conventional apartments built for tourists.  

imsouane surf hostel is now Imsouane Beach House - chez hafid

a surfhouse where you feel home from the first day of what should be an unforgettable surf trip

Maintaining a long tradition in Morocco, Hafid will give you a warm welcome and he will share with you his passion for surfing and his town, a treasure of Berbere culture.