Imsouane Surfing Spirit


Authentic beach & surf trip to Morocco

If surfing is your passion and way of life, if you are already in love with Morocco's treasures of nature and tradition, be part of our community: choose authentic surf and beach holidays in Imsouane, Morocco.

Imsouane Beach House: surf hostel and surfhouse on the beach & surfspot

For your next surf trip, stay in a surf hostel right on Cathedral beach and surfspot and get surf reports of the day, advices and instructions with your host and former surf instructor born and raised in this traditional fishing village: Hafid.

The Bay and Cathedral point: discover our amazing surf spots with a local.

Imsouane, Morocco, seaside fishing village where first hippies stayed for surfing in the sixties. Hafid, your local surf guide is actually one of the best surfers in town and until today, he has been the owner of Imsouane Surf Hostel, which he converted into a comfortable Beach House where he welcomes you home, on Cathedral Point beach.