Imsouane surf spots: local surfing guide

Imsouane Cathedral point, The Bay & The Reef, some of Morocco's best surf spots.
Imsouane Surfing Guide by Hafid.

The local owner of Imsouane Beach House, Guesthouse and Surf Hostel on Cathedral Point Beach, gives you his own personal description of his home spots.

Imsouane surfspot: a surfer's paradise in Taghazout surfing area

There is not just one surf Surf Spot in Imsouane town but two amazing surfing beaches: Cathedral and The Bay, offering one of the most incredible exposure of the north-west African coast, 60 min driving from Taghazout best surf spots. 

imsouane morocco: 4 SURFSPOTS & 1 SURF TOWN

Cathedral Point and The Bay, Imsouane’s main surfing beaches are located on the southern side of Imsouane's two peninsulas which are North and South of town. 

I would like to describe you Imsouane’s surf spots emphasizing the role played by their unique geographical location which makes me call it a surf town. It provides a coastline configuration worthy of the trip to Morocco: 2 small peninsulas within a walking distance, north and south of town, and a huge sheltered bay. Facing west, the reef peninsula & the point are made to welcome the best swell Morocco can offer. 

In Morocco, as we know, winter swell tracks mostly north down to the south coast. It provides Cathedral Point Break -on the northern peninsula- with hollow powerful barrels  & The Bay with long tubing waves which peaks are the southern peninsula's slab.

This perfect configuration – offering good protected point and reef breaks in winter and catching as well smaller summer swells - is probably what makes Imsouane one of the best surf spots in Taghazout area, actually considered to be the best place for surfing in Morocco.

Cathedral Point Surf spot

Located on Imsouane's northern peninsula also called Cathedral Point, there are more exposed to the North-Atlantic ocean swell, especially in winter.

Cathedral Point break

It breaks on the right corner of the northern peninsula - perfect when clean winter swell. 

Short boarders’ and body boarders’ favourite spot.

The wave can be just incredible either at low tide or, at high tide when there is a good north western swell, even more when it reaches 8 feet. When waves are 5 feet or more, it is a powerful and pretty tough peak which requires a certain level of surfing skills.

It is well known for its steep wave which can turn into a barrelling monster - up to 20 feet high, when big winter swells come. 

Cathedral Beachbreak

Between Imsouane’s northern and southern peninsulas, Cathedral Point and the Bay.

Rideable and nice waves that break either right or left in all conditions at high tide. 

Can be a really good and safe surf spot for beginners or intermediate levels, especially when small swell and in spring -summer time.

Access to both spots by the path leading to Cathedral Beach and Imsouane Beach House, "Chez Hafid".

Imsouane's reef and The Bay Surfspots

The southern peninsula divides Imsouane’s coastline - actually made of a unique large bay going from north to south of town, Cathedral point to Tildi Beach (south of The Bay beach) -  into two parts and two beaches, the sheltered Cathedral Beach (north side) and the wide opened Bay (south side). 

Second peninsula is actually a slab, which makes The Bay surf spot a reef break. Waves breaking on the rocky bottom actually mark the entrance of the largest part of Imsouane’s Bay, just before Imsouane's jetty. But, regarding exposure and swell they can turn into a reef break: Imsouane's reef. And both are safe if no big swell.

Imsouane Reef & Slab

At the point of Imsouane’s southern peninsula.

The Berber name of Imsouane’s Slab is "Isli" , the husband, and was given to the rocky bottom immersed at high tide by local women going picking mussels at low tide.
Imsouane slab has two points, 1st one south side and 2nd one north side.
Between the two Points, a Reef Break, The Slab. Don’t even think about surfing it.

On each side of the southern peninsula's slab, two Reef Points: one is actually the now famous The Bay surf spot &, we call the one on the north side of the slab The Reef.

A perfect wave all year-round which breaks on the left-corner of the slab, good spot when smaller conditions, especially in summer time and with southern swell as well. 


The Bay - Reef Point

It breaks on the southern right-corner of the slab before passing the breakwater wharf.

Good surfing around low and mid tide.

Best conditions: rising tide. High tide: a swimming-pool!


It is the longest wave in Africa and probably the easiest reef break in Morocco. The Bay is long boarders’ paradise with its long hollow right-hander wave which can reach up to 800 meters long.

Definitely the best reef-point in Morocco for beginners and intermediate level: sandy bottom after the wharf. Safer than many beach-breaks and perfect for all levels once take-off stage validated. You can reach the peak easily, without almost paddling.

The trick? Every wave leads you towards the beach so you can walk on the beach back to the peak and, paddle a lot less.

You are a beginner? Don’t even try to reach the peak; the closer to the beach you are the safer you will be, and the wave is long enough!

Access: getting in walking through the harbour or down some path leading to the beach.

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