Surfing Imsouane: the best Beach & Surf Trip to Morocco

Imsouane: one of the best beach and surfing village in Morocco

With your local Berbere guide, get a review of Imsouane surfing spots, and discover an authentic destination on the Moroccan coast. 

Choose to travel local:

stay Chez Hafid on Cathedral surf spot

A charming surfhostel and a real surfhouse on Imsouane beach & surfing spot. 

Imsouane Beach House, Morocco, the best beach accommodation in Imsouane: rooms with view & surfing, sea, sunshine every day. 

Surfing in Imsouane: authentic surf & beach holidays in a berbere town

Imsouane is probably one of the best and most preserved destination you could find on the south Moroccan coast... But it is still a traditional area, since this secret spot hasn't been known until recently by most of the international beach fans and surfers. 


Surfers visiting Imsouane, don't look for conventional surf camps, plan a real beach and surf trip to a small fishing town in Morocco.


And before booking any room or camp, get to know the spots!


In Imsouane, discover some of the best surfspots in Taghazout area and experience authentic surfing lifestyle holidays in a traditional seaside village.

Imsouane: beach accommodation and SURF HOUSE on the spot

Looking for an accommodation in Imsouane close to nature, want to stay in authentic rooms and houses? Don't want to stay in a classy surf house or in a european-styled apartment?  And if possible you would choose to travel local, to be close to the beach and to enjoy every minute a sea view: Imsouane Beach House, Morocco.

surfhouse on the surfing beach - rooms with view

Stay closer to the waves and nature

Imsouane Surf Hostel, Hafid's charming guesthouse on the beach and Cathedral surfspot is now Imsouane Beach House, one of the village and Morocco 's best surfhouse.

IMSOUANE BEACH: Morocco 's best travel destination

 Cathedral beach and surf spot -Imsouane Morocco -

Backpackers paradise Imsouane is this relaxing travel destination that all surfers and nature lovers are looking for their next holidays on the Moroccan coastline.

The Bay is “one of the 27 Most Beautiful Beaches In The World” according to Forbes Magazine .

Because now that you have already heard about our well-kept secret surf town, let's make sure you will really discover our amazing surfspots, The Bay and Cathedral, with a local.