Imsouane: the Best beach & SURF town in Morocco

Imsouane, Morocco is a wonderful and quiet surf and beach town located on a small peninsula between Essaouira (North) and Agadir (South) in Morocco. 

Fishing and seafood picking remain the main activities in town, but Imsouane  has been more and more famous for its waves, especially the one of The Bay which is known to be the longest wave in Morrocco. 

And if it's the first reason why surfers come to town,  most of them, just like the tourists curious enough to find the place, decide to they stay longer to enjoy the charms of this haven of peace at the edge of the world.

How to get there ?

Essaouira and Agadir are the closest airports.

Then, you can catch a bus or a taxi to go to Imsouane (about 50 miles driving).

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